The 58th Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc., coming April 07-09, 2017 to the Westchester Marriott!
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Table of Contents

Code of Conduct
Safer Space Policy
Convention Badges
Lost Badges
Membership Refunds
Drinking Age
Children at Lunacon


Code of Conduct

Lunacon endeavors to be a fun and friendly gathering; therefore we have set up the following rules to make our space safe and enjoyable for all. Any violation of Lunacon policies or other behaviors that the Convention Chair and Staff deem inappropriate will result in actions up to and including, but not limited to, revoking the offender’s membership, banning the offender from future Lunacons, and asking the hotel staff to remove the offender from the hotel.

By accepting your badge for Lunacon, you are indicating your acceptance of this Code of Conduct. If you do not agree to comply with this Code of Conduct, please inform Registration prior to accepting your badge, and your membership fee will be refunded.


Safer Space Policy

The Safer Space policy is applicable both to Lunacon and to any other meeting, event, or social gathering for which the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians2, Inc. (“the Lunarians2”) are responsible.

Lunacon expects that all Convention members be respectful and courteous towards all others.

Harassment is clearly defined under the New York State penal code sections 240.25, 240.26, 240.30 and 240.31. Any behavior which falls under that definition will not be tolerated. Additionally, any behavior that annoys, alarms, or threatens another person or group will not be tolerated. This includes unwanted physical contact, following someone around a public area without their consent, or threatening to physically attack someone. If you approach someone and they tell you “no” or to leave them alone, you must do so and have no further contact. If you fail to honor their response, they may have a legitimate complaint of harassment.

Harassment of convention members online or in electronic venues will be treated as seriously as physical harassment. If you aren't sure what constitutes harassment, err on the side of caution and restrict your contact.

If you are having a problem, please ask any Convention Staff member for help. They will assist you in reporting the incident and make sure that you get any help that is needed.

To report an incident at Lunacon, you can the contact Convention Operations and/or the Convention Chair by going to the Convention Office, the location of which will be posted prior to Lunacon.

Please remember that we need to know about any incidents during the convention to be able to take immediate action. If you have been accused of harassment and feel that a Committee member's response was unjustified, you may appeal to the Convention Chair, but their decision will be final.

If you wish to report an incident after the convention, or would like to express your concern about an incident that occurred outside of the event involving a convention attendee, you can contact the Lunacon Chair/the Lunarians2 via email or snail mail at any time.

As stated previously, this Safer Space Policy also applies to any and all activities/meetings other than Lunacon for which the Lunarians2 are responsible, including but not limited to meetings, events, and parties. This includes electronic venues, where civil behavior is expected of all participants.

To report an incident at any other Lunarians2 event, speak with the person(s) who are in charge of that event or to any member of the Lunarians2 Board of Directors. In the resolution of an incident outside of Lunacon, it is the decision of the Board which will be final.



The Westchester Marriott Hotel is completely non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed in designated outside areas.


Convention Badges

Yes, you do need your “stinkin’ badges”! You must be able to produce a badge to enter any convention activities or when requested to do so.

Lost Badges

If your badge is lost, check with Registration or Member Services to see if it has been turned in. A fee of $5 will be charged if the badge has to be replaced. A second badge replacement costs $10. We will not issue a third replacement.

Membership Refunds

There are no membership refunds. However, memberships may be transferred only upon the written request of the membership holder.


Drinking Age

The legal drinking age in the state of New York is 21 and will be enforced by Convention and hotel staff.



Parties in a hotel room are considered the responsibility of the person who rented the room. Thus, a person throwing a party in his or her hotel room has the right to eject any person from his or her party if he or she deems that the person is behaving inappropriately. Party hosts are responsible for adhering to Convention policies, hotel rules, and local, state, and federal laws.

All parties MUST be held only in rooms in the designated "Active (Party)" block. Any parties outside of the "Active (Party)" block WILL be shut down by hotel security and/or the Convention.

All parties MUST register with Lunacon 2017, regardless of whether they are open or closed. To register your party, please .

If there are noise complaints made to the Hotel about your party, you will receive one polite warning. If there is a second noise complaint about your party, it will be closed down. Neither Lunacon, the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc. nor the Hotel will provide any compensation to guests should any party be closed down.

Being in a Party room on one of the "Active" floors also ensures you are covered by Lunacon's corkage agreement (allowing you to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks). Parties may be "open" (all Convention members welcome, and with doors open or ajar) or "closed" (invitation only). Serving of alcohol is not allowed in open party areas. All open parties will be listed in the Convention newsletter.

Reminder, alcoholic beverages may not be served at open parties. Open parties serving alcohol will be closed down.

Parties posting flyers or other advertisements around the Convention will be treated as open parties and subject to the alcohol restriction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .



Anyone considering wearing a weapon as part of a hall costume is warned that for any violation of the rules, you will be asked to remove the item from the event. Use good judgment. Even if it complies with the rules, if it is unsafe or would reduce others’ enjoyment (e.g., scabbards that extend far enough to be a trip hazard to passersby), please don’t wear it. When in doubt, ASK!

We define weapons to include real weapons, facsimile weapons, anything actually used as a weapon, and anything that might reasonably be surmised to be a weapon. We will have Event staff to assist with
enforcement of this. Weapons rules for hall costumes are as follows:

No projectile weapons. If it projects a solid, liquid, gas, or energy with enough force to annoy or harm, it is a projectile weapon.

No flame, fires, sparks, or other flaming in the halls or on stage.

No replicas of any current or historical firearms are permitted (a phaser is acceptable; a space marine's assault rifle is not). Working bows are, unfortunately, included with the above. All edged weapons (“live steel”) must be peace-bound and incapable of being drawn. We will have Convention Staff to assist with enforcement of this.

Staves, canes and non-working replicas (boffer or cardboard swords, etc.), do not need to be peace-bound per se but must adhere to the same behavioral guidelines as any edged weapon.

Weapons may not be drawn in any public area of the convention.

Weapons may not be worn in such a way as to create a hazard to other attendees or fixtures of the convention (e.g. scabbards that extend far enough to be a trip hazard to passersby).

We define weapons to include real weapons, facsimile weapons, anything actually used as a weapon, and anything an otherwise ignorant being would surmise is a weapon.

These rules also apply to costumes included as part of the Masquerade competition unless specifically authorized beforehand by the Masquerade Director for use during the Masquerade.

Weapons may be sold in the Dealers' Room. Weapons may not be sold to minors under any circumstances. After all sales, weapons must be securely wrapped in opaque wrappings and tape and immediately brought to the buyer’s room or vehicle.



By registering/purchasing a membership to Lunacon, all individuals grant Lunacon, the Lunarians2 and their designated photographers a non-exclusive right to photograph, videotape, otherwise record, and publish (in print or electronically) themselves, companions, activities, costumes, artwork, sales goods, and other property used or displayed in their normal participation of the convention.

Please see the Lunacon Photographer/Audio/Video Contract and Lunacon Masqerade Fan Photographer Contract (coming soon).

All Photographers must ask permission before they can photograph or audio/videotape any individual or group in any area of the hotel. Anyone who does not wish to be photographed or recorded should say NO PHOTOS.

Flash and available light photography can be used in the common areas of the hotel.

Flash and available light photography can be used in the program areas to take photographs of the program participants unless one of them objects.

Photography will not be permitted in the Art Show, with the exception of supervised professional press. If an artist objects to having their works used, with credit, by press reviewing the convention, they must indicate this on their entry form. Artists who wish to photograph their own work may do so only with prior arrangement with the Art Show Director.

Only available light photographs can be taken during the Masquerade.

Flash and available light photographs can be taken in the Masquerade Fan Photo Area.

Before taking a photograph of a person in the common areas of the hotel, their permisision is required.  Without the person’s permission, they cannot be photographed.

Professional Photographers, if you are acting on behalf of a publication, video production organization, or news medium (freelance or employed) of any kind, you must register as a member of the press (commercial publication, media, fanzine). Press passes may be obtained by going to the Convention Office and speaking with the Operations Staff .

Anyone wishing to sell photographs, audio, or video recordings of any part of the convention (including the masquerade) must read and agree to the terms contained in the Lunacon Photographer/Audio/Video Contract. (coming soon)

Individuals or organizations violating these guidelines by selling, reproducing, broadcasting, or publishing materials obtained at a Lunacon convention without permission may be guilty of copyright violation and/or trespass, and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you have any questions as to what is appropriate, contact Convention Office for further information.


Children at Lunacon

Kids-in-Tow Policy
Children who are not yet 6 years old as of April 7, 2017 are “Kids-in-Tow” and they must be accompanied at all times while at the Convention by a parent, guardian or person with a Convention Membership acting in that capacity. Lunacon requires that there be at least one supervising adult with a Convention Membership accompanying every three Kids-in-Tow members.

A Kid-in-Tow is admitted to Lunacon 2017 for free.
The above rules for a Kid-in-Tow apply in all areas of the Convention, including in any Program items or other Convention events which may be oriented toward children. Neither the Convention nor the Convention Staff are babysitters, and no member of Convention Staff is obligated to take on that role in connection with their responsibilities as a member of the Staff.

Children’s Memberships
The Children’s Membership rate for Lunacon 2017 applies to those children who will be between the ages of 6 to 12 as of April 7, 2017 and they must be supervised at all times while at the Convention by a parent, guardian or person with a Convention Membership acting in that capacity.

The Adult Membership rate for Lunacon 2017 applies to those children aged 13 and older and they may be present at the Convention without supervision by a parent, guardian or person acting in that capacity.

Children as Fans and Companions
Note: In this section where "Parent" is used, it can mean a parent, guardian, or person charged with a child's welfare. Lunacon makes every effort to protect fans of all ages and provide a healthy environment with many opportunities for fun and learning. Children are a valued part of our membership, and we welcome their appropriate participation.

Parents of children ages 9-12 who believe their children are mature enough (and who have their own paid membership) may choose to allow their children to freely roam the Convention on their own. Any child who misbehaves excessively or engages in inappropriate, disruptive or dangerous behavior is subject to having free-roaming privileges or their entire membership revoked.

Parents should be aware of the hours of Children’s Programming. Parents who are late in picking up children may have their children barred from Children’s Programming at the current or future Conventions.

Any unattended children (which includes children not picked up at Children’s Programming) will be brought to the Convention Office, which will then follow procedures to ensure the safety of the child.

Please remember that the Convention and Hotel are not "child-proofed." There are many items (including costumes, displays, art, etc.) that are easily damaged. Additionally, there are things that might place a young child at potential risk. It is the parents' responsibility to supervise their children so they do not venture anywhere or touch anything inappropriate.

Any damage caused by any and all children will be the financial responsibility of their parents and/or guardians.

Participation in some regular Program items by minors may require parental permission or the presence of a supervising adult. Some Program items dealing with adult topics may be closed to children under 18 years of age. Although children under 18 years of age may register as "adults," membership in the Convention in no way supersedes local, state, or federal laws. Some items may require the supervision of a child by parents. It is the parents' responsibility to review the schedule and decide which items they will allow their child to participate in, either with or without adult supervision.


The New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc./Lunacon will never sell any information that we gather to anyone for any reason.

We never keep any credit card information. We use Mijireh to securely process your online credit card information and that information resides on their secure PCI compliant server.

We will retain your name, mailing address, email address and phone number to process your membership request and enable you to participate as a member of the New York Science Fiction Society – the Lunarians (2), Inc./Lunacon.


The longest-running Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the New York area, presented by the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc, at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, NY, on the weekend of April 7 - 9, 2017
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