The 58th Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc., coming April 07-09, 2017 to the Westchester Marriott!
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Here's your start point for information on the history of Lunacon and the Lunarians.  We'll be adding to this page as we get permission to use old materials relevant to our past.  Click on a name (ie, "Lunacon 1985") to see that convention's website.  The year links to the right of that (ie, "1966") may contain additional information relevant to that Lunacon.

Note:  If anyone lives near Iowa City, Iowa, the University of Iowa's "Special Collections & University Archives" holds the "M. Horvat Collection of Science Fiction Convention Materials", which contains four Lunacon-related items (three con reports and one unspecified) from the late '60s and early '70s.  We wants 'em.  Please contact if you are able to get at and scan copies to the Internet.

For information on other conventions or for historical insight into running and/or surviving conventions, check the very bottom of this page!

Notes:  "WGoH" = "Writer Guest of Honor", "AGoH" = "Artist Guest of Honor", "FGoH" = "Fan Guest of Honor", "SG" = "Special Guest"

Official Websites


Lunacon 2017 (2017 April 7-9)
Chair: John William Upton
Guests TBD

Lunacon 2016 (2016 March 18-20)
Chair: Executive Committee consisting of Mark L. Blackman, Stuart C. Hellinger, and John William Upton
GoHs: Robert J. Sawyer, Naomi Novik, Rick Sternbach
Music Guests: Murder Ballads

Lunacon 2014 (2014 March 14-16)
WGoH: Ryk E. Spoor
AGoH: Randy Gallegos
Special Guest: Michael F. Flynn

Lunacon 2013 (2013 March 15-17)
Chair: MrShirt
WGoH: Michael F. Flynn
AGoH: William O'Connor
Filk GoH: Leslie Fish

Lunacon 2012 (2012 March 16-18)
Chair: Stacey Helton McConnell
WGoH: John Ringo
AGoH: Howard Taylor
YA WGoH: Tamora Pierce
Gaming GoH: Andy & Kristin Looney

Lunacon 2011 (2011 March 18-20)
Chair: MrShirt
WGoH: Lawrence M. Schoen
AGoH: Rachel Mayo
SG: Eric "in the elevator" Zuckerman
Attendance: 821

Lunacon 2010 (2010 March 19-21)
Chair: Stacey Helton McConnell
FGoH: Dominick Corrado
WGoH: Tanya Huff
AGoH: Theresa Mather
Music GoH: Allison Lonsdale
Attendance: 1022

Lunacon 2009 (2009 March 20-22)
Chair: MrShirt
FGoH: Leigh Grossman
WGoH: Dave Freer
AGoH: Larry Dixon
SG: Mercedes Lackey
Toastmaster: Eric Flint
Attendance: 1089

Lunacon 2008 (2008 March 14-16)
Chair: Dominick Corrado
FGoH: Joe D. Siclari
WGoH: Jacqueline Carey
AGoH: Johnna Y. Klukas
SG: Winston A. Howlett
Attendance: 1163

Lunacon 2007 (2007 March 16-18)
Chair: Seth Janifer
WGoH: Christopher Moore
AGoH: Dave Seeley
FGoH: Frank Dietz
Attendance: 1177

Lunacon 2006 (2006 March 17-19)
Chair: Dora Buck
WGoH: Jim Butcher
AGoH: David B. Mattingly
FGoH:  Byron Connell
Costumer: Lisa Ashton
Attendance: 1059
con report (

Lunacon 2005 (2005 March 28-20)
Chair: Preston Saul
WGoH: Michael Swanwick
AGoH: Butch Honeck
FGoH: Skip Morris
Costuming GoH: Pierre & Sandy Pettinger
Attendance: 1122
Degler! #4 ("published 18 March 2005 for Lunacon 05 by Andy Porter, 55 Pineapple St. #3J, Brooklyn NY")

Lunacon 2004 (2004 March 19-21)
Chair: Peter Cassidy
FGoH: Lucy Schmeidler
WGoH: Storm Constantine
AGoH: Michael Whelan
Webtoonist GoH: Pete Abrams
Costuming GoH: Ricky & Karen Dick
Attendance: 1211

Lunacon 2003 (2003 March 21-23)
Chair: Paul Birnbaum
FGoH: Joni Brill & Todd Dashoff
WGoH: Spider & Jeanne Robinson
AGoH: Rowena
Mistress of Ceremonies: Susan de Guardiola
Attendance: 1200
film program (seems to be missing from existing archive of official site)
The View From Entropy Hall #33 (con report)

Lunacon 2002 (2002 March 15-17)
Chair: Dom Corrado
FGoH: Valerie Ontell (nee Sussman) & Ron Ontell
WGoH: Alan Dean Foster
AGoH: James Gurney
SG: Peter F. Hamilton
Toastmaster: Roberta Rogow
Attendance: 1050
film program (seems to be missing from existing archive of official site)

Lunacon 2001 (2001 March 23-25)
Chair: Ira Donewitz
FGoH: John Hertz
WGoH: Charles Sheffield
AGoH: Jody Lee
SG: Nancy Kress
Attendance: 1150
film program (seems to be missing from existing archive of official site)

Lunacon 2000 (2000 March 24-26)
Chair: Stuart C. Hellinger
FGoH: Stu Shiffman
WGoH: George Alec Effinger
AGoH: Lisa Snellings
SG: Barbara Hambly
Attendance: 1200

Lunacon 1999 (1999 March 5-7)
Chair: Seth Breidbart
FGoH: Anthony R. Lewis
WGoH: Vernor Vinge
AGoH: Bob Eggleton
Attendance: 1200

Lunacon 1998 (1998 March 20-22)
Chair: Eileen Madison
FGoH: John & Perdita Boardman
WGoH: Octavia E. Butler
AGoH: Donato Giancola
Attendance: 1250
Lunacon 1998 Announcement (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)
con reports (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)

Lunacons Prior to Known Web Presence

Lunacon 1997 (1997 March 7-9)
Chair: John William Upton
FGoH: Michael J. Walsh
WGoH: C.J. Cherryh
AGoH: David Cherry
Media Guest: Michael O'Hare
Attendance: 1250
Announcement (nntp://rec.arts.sf.fandom)
advert for Dark Ages Vampire LARP
con report (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)
Another con report

Lunacon 1996 (1996 March 15-17)
Chair: Ira Donewitz
FGoH: Bruce Pels
WGoH: Esther Friesner & Terry Pratchett
Visual Humor Guest: Phil Foglio
Special Origami Guest: Mark Kennedy
Attendance: 1300
Convention Announcement (nntp://rec.arts.sf.fandom)

Lunacon 1995 (1995 March 17-19)
Chair: Mark Blackman
FGoH: Mike Glyer
WGoH: Poul Anderson
AGoH: Stephen Hickman
Featured Filker: Graham Leathers
Attendance: 1300
Lunacon '95 Announcement (reg rates, GOHs)
Progress Report (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)

Lunacon 1994 (1994 March 18-20)
Chair:  Paul Birnbaum
FGoH: Walter R. Cole
WGoH: Vonda N. McIntyre
AGoH: James Warhola
Special Musical Guest: Dean Friedman
Featured Filker: Peter Grubbs
Comics Industry Guests: Louise & Walter Simonson
Attendance: 1300
Progress Report (posted in nntp://rec.arts.sf-lovers)
Con Report (with detailed summaries of panels)

Lunacon 1993 (1993 March 19-21)
Chair: William Morrison
FGoH: Alexis Gilliland
WGoH: Orson Scott Card
AGoH: Barclay Shaw
Publishing GoH: Richard Curtis
Attendance: 1250
pricing/GOH info (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)
con report

Lunacon 1992 (1992 March 20-22, Rye Town Hilton)
Chair: Stuart C. Hellinger
FGoH: Jon Singer
WGoH: Samuel R. Delany
AGoH: Paul Lehr
Special Musical Guest: 
Featured Filkers: Bill & Brenda Sutton
SG: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Attendance: 1350
short Progress Report excerpt (reg rates)

Lunacon 1991 (1991 March 8-10)Chair: Dennis McCunney
FGoH: Harry Stubbs (Hal Clement)
WGoH: John Brunner
AGoH: Frank Kelly Freas
Special Musical Guest: 
Publishing GoH: Betty & Ian Ballantine
Science GoH: Gerald Feinberg
Attendance: 1200
location and rate info
comparison of Lunacon and I-Con (nntp://alt.fandom.cons)

Lunacon 1990 (1990 March 16-18)
Chair: Jonathan Bayer
WGoH: Katherine Kurtz 
AGoH: Thomas Canty
Publishing GoH: Tom Doherty
FGoH: none (was Walter R. Cole, guest had to withdraw, see Lunacon 1990 Progress Report)
Attendance: 1500

Lunacon 1989 (1989 March 10-12)
Chair: Valerie Ontell nee Sussman
FGoH: David Kyle
WGoH: Roger Zelazny
AGoH: Ron Walotsky
Editor GoH: David Hartwell
Attendance: 1450

Lunacon 1988 (1988 March 11-13)
Chair: Seth Breidbart
FGoH: Pat Mueller
WGoH: Harry Harrison
AGoH: N. Taylor Blanchard
Toastmaster: Wilson Tucker
Attendance: 1250
later note on con suite rules (Seth reveals that the Con Suite had "a rule that people would not be permitted into the Con Suite unless it was reasonable to believe that they had bathed within the preceding 24 hours")

Lunacon 1987 (1987 March 20-22)
Chair: Elan Litt & William Morrison
FGoH: Jack L. Chalker
WGoH: Jack Williamson
AGoH: Darrel Sweet
Toastmaster: Mike Resnick
Attendance: 1200
Program Book

Lunacon 1986 (1986 March 7-9)
Chair: Valerie Ontell nee Sussman
FGoH: Art Saha
WGoH: Marta Randall
AGoH: Dawn Wilson
SG: Madeline L'Engle
Attendance: 1100

Lunacon 1985 (1985 March 15-17)
Chair: Teresa Minambres
FGoH: Curt Clemmer, D.I.
WGoH: Gordon R. Dickson
AGoH: Dan Maitz
Attendance: 800

Lunacon 1984 (1984 March 16-18)
Chair: Larry Carmody
FGoH: Cy Chauvin
WGoH: Terry Carr
AGoH: Tom Kidd
Attendance: 1400
Program Book
Video & Radio Room Schedule

Lunacon 1983 (1983 March 18-20)
Chair: Elyse Rosenstein
FGoH: Donald & Elsie Wollheim
WGoH: Anne McCaffrey
AGoH: Barbi Johnson
Attendance: 1500
Program Book and Schedule (note that this was the first east coast US fan convention to have a dedicated Anime room)

Lunacon 25 (1982 March 19-21)
Chair: Stuart C. Hellinger
FGoH: Steve Stiles
WGoH: Fred Saberhagen
AGoH: John Schoenherr
Attendance: 1100
Program Book and Schedule

Lunacon 1981 (1981 March 20-22)
Chair: Linda Deneroff
WGoH: James White
AGoH: Jack Gaughan
Attendance: 875
Program Book

Lunacon 1980 (1980 March 14-16)
Chair: Steve Rosenstein
WGoH: Larry Niven
AGoH: Vincent Di Fate
Attendance: 750
Program Book and Schedule
Program Book excerpt

Lunacon 1979 (1979 March 30 - April 1)
Chair: Thom Anderson, Art Saha
WGoH: Ron Goulart
AGoH: Gahan Wilson
Attendance: 650
Program Book and Schedule

Lunacon 1978 (1978 Feb 24-26)
Chair: Ben Yalow
WGoH: Robert Bloch
SG: Dr. Rosalyn S. Yalow
Attendance: 450

Lunacon 1977 (1977 April 8-10)
Chair: Devra Langsam
GoH: L. Sprague & Catherine de Camp
Attendance: 900

Lunacon 1976 (1976 April 9-11)
Chair: Don Lundry
GoH: Amazing/Fantastic Magazines
Attendance: 1000

Lunacon 1975 (1975 April 18-20)
Chair: Jack Chalker
GoH: Brian Aldiss
Attendance: 1100
first instance of a fan programming track at a con(?)

Lunacon 1974 (1974 April 12-14)
Chair: Art Saha
GoH: Forrest J. Ackerman
Attendance: 1400

Lunacon 1973 (1973 April 20-22)
Chair: Al Schuster
GoH: Harlan Ellison
Attendance: 1600
Anecdote about Harlan ("I well remember at Lunacon, 1973, when he was GOH, and there was some extra expense or other that had arisen for the committee.  I was in the suite where Harlan was playing poker with various folk: swearing in good-natured fashion, he grabbed a garbage can, and charged about collecting cash from people.  In a few minutes, he switched to a larger can, had it filled, shoved the can full of cash into the committee member's hands, and went back to playing poker, grumbling in stagey fashion about interrupting the game." -Gary Farber)

Lunacon 1972 (1972 March 31 - April 2)
Chair: Don Lundry
GoH: Theodore Sturgeon
Attendance: 1200

Lunacon 1971 (1971 April 16-18)
Chair: Frank Dietz
Editor GoH: John W. Campbell
FGoH: Howard DeVore 
Attendance: 900

Lunacon 1970 (1970 April 11-12)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Larry T. Shaw
Attendance: 735
Energumen 2 (con report, p3)

Lunacon 1969 (1969 April 12-13)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Robert A.W. Lowndes
Attendance: 585

Lunacon 1968 (1968 April 20-21)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Donald A. Wollheim
Attendance: 410

Lunacon 1967 (1967 April 29-30)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: James Blish
Attendance: 275

Lunacon 1966 (1966 April 16-17)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Isaac Asimov
Attendance: 235
Focal Point 20 (details on room rates, Program book ad rates)

Lunacon 1965 (1965 April 24)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Hal Clement
Attendance: 135
Focal Point 2 (notes that Steve Stiles was on the art panel)
Focal Point Rider 2 (details on the Eastercon supplement to Lunacon)
Focal Point 8 (con report)

No Lunacon (1964, skipped due to New York World's Fair being that year)

Lunacon 1963 (1963 April 21)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Judith Merril
Attendance: 115
Home Kookin' Late Sept. 2009 (historical mention of this Lunacon, noting the more formal nature of the time, with one picture from thenabouts)
Vegas Fandom Weekly #68 (con retrospective)

Lunacon 1962 (1962 April 29)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Frederik Pohl
Attendance: 105

Lunacon 1961 (1961 April 9)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Willy Ley
Attendance: 105

Lunacon 1960 (1960 April 10)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Ed Emsh
Attendance: 75

Lunacon 1959 (1959 April 12)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Lester Del Rey
Attendance: 80

Lunacon 1958 (1958 April 13)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: Frank R. Paul
Attendance: 85

Lunacon 1957 (1957 May 12)
Chair: Frank Dietz
GoH: *none*
Attendance: 65

Sources:  Fancyclopedia,, Flickr Lunacon Archives pool, internal Lunacon material

Additional History

QuokkaQuest 1 (information on Mike McInerney's contribution to the expansion of Lunacon in the 1960s)
Discussion on different approaches to con suites, noting Lunacon '94 as an excellent example and pointing out that Lunacon has, in the past, served beer in its con suite
how a particular scene in the novel "Fallen Angels" relates to Lunacon (nntp://rec.arts.sf.fandom)
Further Material
Cons and Room Parties
Drawing people into fandom
TimeCzar's list of upcoming cons, circa 2003
Archive of nearly all Worldcon schedules since 1989
What Are Science Fiction Conventions, a 1988 article from when the term "geek" had a radically different meaning from what it means today.
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The longest-running Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the New York area, presented by the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc, at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, NY, on the weekend of April 7 - 9, 2017
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