The 58th Convention of the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc., coming April 07-09, 2017 to the Westchester Marriott!
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Con Suite

Location: On the Meeting Level (see Floorplan).  To get to it, go along the Assembly past the Westchester Ballroom and instead of turning right (to the Gaming rooms) or left (to the Boton/Brundage/Bartell/Odelle/Halsted/Budd panel rooms), continue straight (there will be a very short bit or stairs or a ramp), past the Con Ops room, and it'll eventually be on the left side.

The couches are soft. The food is yummy. It's almost like we're family or something.

For those who have not been to this sort of event, the con suite is a magical room populated by free snacky food seemingly around the clock (at some conventions, it's 24/3, and at others it might close at very late hours).  The purpose of this room is to provide an area, often with comfy couches, for nerds and geeks to get together to socialize.  Like the hotel lobby, it's an excellent place to immerse yourself in great conversations, except that there's a side element of bagels and coffee*.

In 1988, con chair Seth Breidbart instituted a rule stating that "people would not be permitted into the Con Suite unless it was reasonable to believe that they had bathed within the preceding 24 hours".

* the nature of the munchies greatly varies at con suites, from the aforementioned types to cheese and crackers to sodas to the occasional sandwich fare to candies, with vegan and gluten free options often in the mix.  Essentially, it's a ton of carbs and caffeine to keep you going.  If you'd like better, then this is the time to Volunteer and get your shot at the proteiny Staff Den.
The longest-running Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in the New York area, presented by the New York Science Fiction Society - the Lunarians (2), Inc, at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown, NY, on the weekend of April 7 - 9, 2017
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