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Announcing Our Artist Guest of Honor and Special Guest Artist
2016-08-11 19:15:07

We're pleased to announce that Bob Eggleton has accepted our invitation to be Artist Guest of Honor and that Marianne Plumridge has also accepted our invitation to be Special Guest Artist at its next annual convention, Lunacon 2017. They join a lineup already that includes Ben Bova as Writer Guest of Honor, Roberta Rogow as Fan Guest of Honor, and the Boogie Knights as Musical Guests.

Bob Eggleton is a multiple Hugo, Chesley and Locus Award-winning artist who first came to prominence for his awe-inspiring spacescapes. (Asteroid 13562 was named Bobeggleton in his honor.) His body of work since, however, has displayed a powerful versatility, covering a broad range of styles and subjects, from hard science and horror to high fantasy and a certain big lizard. Godzilla, of whom he is a huge fan, famously has a prominent place in his life and even surrounds the display space for his many awards. (To his glee, he appeared as a "fleeing" extra in the 2002 film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla.)

Over the years, Bob has done art for comics, collectible card games, and book covers for many well-known authors, as well producing as his own illustrated books and art books. "Publishers love artists that slam out the work and sell their books.", he says. Appropriately, his work will be featured on the cover for the upcoming novel by our Writer Guest of Honor, Ben Bova. The Lunacon 2017 Art Show will be exhibiting his work throughout the Convention weekend.

Above all, Bob is a cool (or "cooool") guy, and we're delighted to welcome him back to Lunacon as our Artist Guest of Honor. (His previous appearance as Artist Guest of Honor was at Lunacon '99.)

Marianne Plumridge, our Special Guest Artist, and Bob's wife, works mainly in the fields of fantasy and adventure, with occasional forays into science fiction. "When I embarked on a creative career," she relates, "I started out as a writer. When I found that I could tell the story in paint, the writing sort of fell by the wayside." Her art history started in her native Australia, where she honed her black and white illustration skills for fan magazines, and earned her the Australian Science Fiction Media (ASFMA) Award for Best Australian Media Fanartist. (Her "Koala fixation," understandably, might rival Bob's love for Godzilla.)

Marianne's art has graced the covers of Dreams of Decadence Magazine and inside the Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle card deck from Hay House Inc., among other places, and she has worked in a variety of media from oils and acrylics to Super Sculpey. Her sculpture "Heartsong" received a Chesley Award nomination.

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